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You turned her against me by Gemini30 You turned her against me by Gemini30

He saw the ship arise. He recognizes it, it was Goldie’s ship. Then advancing towards the ship he saw Goldie ran toward him. She threw herself into his arms and hugged her. 

« What are you doing here?

-I was so worried about you. Ludwig told me terrible things… »

Scrooge took a strange and worried look

«Whats things? 

-He said you’ve turned to the dark side. That you… Killed Younglings. » 

She was almost crying as she spoke these words. Scrooge sighed and spoke in a reassuring voice

« Ludwig is trying to turn you against me. 

-He cares about us. »

He frowned. 


-He knows. He wants to help you. »

They look in the eyes  of each other for a few seconds. 

« Scrooge… All I want is your love. 

-Love won’t save you Goldie. Only my new powers can do that. 

-And what’s cost? You’re a good person. Don’t do this!  

-I won’t lose you the way I lost my mother. I am becoming more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of. And I’m doing it for you. To protect you.  »

Goldi start to be scared… Scared to lose him in the darkness. She stroked his face.

« Come away with me, I beg you. Leave everything else behind while we still can! 

-Don’t you see? We don’t have to run away any more. I have brought peace to the Republic! I’m more powerful than the chancellor. I can overthrow him! And together you and I can rule the galaxy. Make things the way we want them to be! » 

Scrooge smiled, thinking she would be happy, but her only reaction was to go back. With tears in her eyes. 

« I don’t believe what I’m hearing… Ludwig was right. You’ve changed!

-I don’t want to hear any more about Ludwig. The Jedi turned against me. Don’t you turn against me. »

She couldn’t believe it, he was so aggressive, he never talked to her like that. 

« I don’t know you anymore. Scrooge… You’re breaking my heart…  You’re going down a path I can’t follow. »

He spoke coldly. 

« Because of Ludwig? 

-Because of what you’ve done! What you plan to do.  Stop! Stop now! Come back! I love you! »

He doubted for a moment, then looked up and saw Ludwig Von Kenobi who was listening to them in the airlock of the ship. He thought she had betrayed him, and his anger exploded. 

« LIAR!! » 

She turned and saw Ludwig, then she understood. She looked her love and try to explain. 

« No! 

-You’re with him! You brought him here to kill me! » 

He strangled her with the Force, not letting her speak. She suffered, not only physically, the pain of her heart was intolerable. The one she loved was going to kill her.

« Let her go Scrooge! »

Said Ludwig, but the anger was too much, and he continue to strangle her.

«Scr… Scrooge… »

She tried to articulate.

«Let her GO! »

Scrooge looked her in the eyes, he could saw her pain, and her saw his anger. He finally let her go. And she fell to the ground, unconscious. Scrooge faced his master.

« You turned her against me!

-You have done that yourself!»

Scrooge’s face was distorted by pain and hatred.

«You will not take her from me! We belong together!

-Your anger and your lust for power have already done that. You gave allowed this dark lord to twist your mind until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

-Don’t lecture me Ludwig. I see through the lies of the Jedi. I don’t fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new empire! 

-Your new empire? 

-Don’t make me kill you… 

-Scrooge, my allegiance is to the republic, to democracy! 

-If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy. 

-Only a Sith deals in absolutes… I will do what I must. 

-You will try. »


Scrooge McDuck = Anakin Skywalker
Goldie O'gilt = Padme Amidala
Ldwig Von Drake = Obi wan Kenobi

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TiffanyToast93 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What was your inspiration?
Gemini30 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
Donald duck universe and star wars
Aspi-Galou Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Ce passage...ce passage...j'etais presque en larmes la première fois ! Tellement intense !!
Gemini30 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
J'avoue que c'est un passage qui remue les tripes. Malheureusement la performance des acteurs n'est pas au top =( 
Aspi-Galou Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh oui...Et ça a sacrément vieilli aussi !! Mon dieu, j'ai revu des scènes et ça m'a frappé ! O_o
Gemini30 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Bah la prélogie est faite avec des effet spéciaux pur alors que la trilogie d'origine est tourné avec du maquillage et des effets spéciaux "trompe l'oeil", genre des maquettes et tout, ça fais plus réel. 
Aspi-Galou Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
C'est sûr que la trilogie d'origine à été bien faite pour le temps !
Mais la "récente", je trouve que les effets spéciaux ont vieillis !
Gemini30 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Et oui, elle est sortit y a 10 ans quand  même. 
J'espère que pour les 7 8 et 9 ils reviendront au "vrais" effet spéciaux, ou devrais je dire trucage. Je trouve que ça rend mieux. 
Aspi-Galou Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Ah ça...Avec les films dégoulinants d'effets spéciaux et d'actions inutiles qu'ils nous pondent en ce moment...Pas possible hélas...
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